Personal Life

My husband and I get to raise our two kiddos on the Central Coast of Cali. He is a busy fire-medic doing some incredible work with Santa Barbara County.  As a family we enjoy beach days and hikes, movies, travel and social events.  Our daughter is on a competitive dance team with Studio @ in Slo, and our son (5) is deep into Legos.  I catch my breaks practicing yoga, kickboxing, nature time, meditation, and being  with friends.  

Sophia Brody, M.A.

Guiding and supporting clients on their path of awakening led me to develop Transpersonal Muse.  It is the landing page that weaves my passions into service... including my art (original paintings/art classes),  workshops (guided inner journeys/working with the elements in nature), and life coaching/ education  (personal growth).  

In 2003 I inherited an Eastern approach to psychology and mindfulness training with a BA from Naropa University followed by a Masters in Psychology in '10 from Cal Southern.  I went on to merge my education with the support of the elements in nature, reiki, inner journey work, dream/symbol/shamanic exploration, and expressive arts.  I am so honored and grateful offering my gifts as I help others do the same!

Baywood-Los Osos, CA 93402, USA

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