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3 Step Meditation for Intimate Self Love

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

There is a secret about human love that is commonly overlooked: Receiving it is much more scary and threatening than giving it.

-John Welwood

Consider times when you have experienced intense, authentic intimacy... that feeling of being fully seen, felt, heard, loved, touched all the while reciprocating and regenerating to your partner this shared level of intense affection. If this hasn't been in your experience or this level of intimacy lacks in your current situation, then inviting it into your life begins with a shift with your inner system. This space that is accessible in each of us for recognition and praise is ready and eager to share with the people you love. Opening this channel through conscious self love invites the cosmic wisdom of intimacy to your world; whether your intention is to heal from old patterns/relationship, practice authentic interactions with loved ones, attract the divine partner, rekindle an old flame, or enhance your love life. Self love is a gift in honoring and preparing your rich inner world to receive and express ultimate love.

To optimize this meditation, try to set yourself up where you won't be distracted and can slip into the safety and quiet of a private space. Setting the mood fosters a sacred tone for self respect. Practice honoring the tenderness of intimacy through your own privacy by mindfully preparing your space. Light a candle, play some soft music/nature sounds, clean/groom your body, place a plant/flowers next to where you will do the meditation.

Step 1: Grounding.

Set yourself up in your space either sitting or laying down. Feel into your body. Place both feet on the ground if sitting up, or lay on your back or side in a comfortable position where you can scan through and release any tension or discomfort. Drop into your breath. Notice it's quality and natural rhythm. Bring your awareness from breath back to body, feeling into the areas that stimulate the most vulnerable, pleasurable sensations... experiencing the quality/energy of these intimate places where you offer your total love and are receptive to total love.

Step 2: Receive and Offer.

With this heightened sense of intimate vulnerability, imagine being surrounded by a place in nature (perhaps you are already set up in a natural location) where you can envision the details of it's landscape, aromas and natural sounds soothing, and pleasing your body. Bring yourself fully into this space sinking deeper into the contact of Earth supporting and meeting you where you are at. From the ground up imagine Earth pulsing it's magnetic energy up through your base and in through your heart. Sense this energy then being guided back down through the base and into the Earth. You continue gently receiving this soothing vibrational resonance through your opening. Guiding it ever so gracefully up to your heart center, a place of tenderness. And then gifting an offering of tender love from this heart space down through the body, pulsing energy down your base and back into the earth. Invite any other natural images to come through as they enhance this energetic pulse. Perhaps you are swayed to continue in this meditation or allow for some gesture or movement to occur. Take the opportunity to explore in ways that honor your meditation and compliment this experience.

Step 3. Gratitude.

Exchange a moment in gratitude for spending time with your body, the image of the natural world, and the intention of receiving and offering an authentic exchange. Come back to the room in your own sweet time, giving yourself the space to reflect/journal your experience. Perhaps there is a time you can step outside and see what in the natural world might attract you to collect an organic object or just observe it's wonder in thanks. Perhaps you stumble upon a stone or leaf, or you gaze up at two birds in a tree. This is a gentle ritual to seal in your practice; elevating your conscious exploration of intimacy as part of your being. This self love trip is a wondrous affair ;)

The soul is here for its own joy.


Gathered natural offerings to compliment and support

Sophia Brody, M.A. is an educator and life coach, facilitating intuitive expression through creative exploration. Her background encompasses the contemplative practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese energetics, and Shamanic journeying. Her work with adults and children range from virtual empowerment sessions and self growth courses, and a variety of local workshops. She lives in CA with her husband and two children where she enjoys art, outdoors, yoga, friends, and travel.

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