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All the Single Ladies -and Men- Ready for LOVE

Who am I (a married chick) to write a Transpersonal Muse for the singles out there?  I'm a testament to connecting with yourself as the queen or king of the celebration. Claiming your role in this life prepares the space for your ideal man/lady to arrive at the party as the honored guest!

I grew up questioning my role in relationships. The way I viewed myself determined the attention I tolerated from others... (men). It wasn't until I intimately connected with my husband that made me realize what I was valuing in myself was and continues to be the motivating force for what I value in him. To this day, I am motivated by his humble drive, compassionate heart, and forgiving nature that sparks these qualities within myself.

Motivation guides you to focus on feeling good... enjoying the process... the arousal from beginning to end and then all over again. If the motivation isn't there, neither is the relationship. Lack of motivation = disinterest, tolerance, resentment, abandonment, avoidance, expectations, projection, attachment.

Free Tips & Musings:

When you get really, REALLY clear on what motivates being in love, you abracadabra your way into attracting a man or woman who matches your motivation to:

1. Value Your Worth,

2. Support Your Purpose, and

3. Share Your Heart Space.

Claim your intimate partner from a full cup! Fill your cup with your power... align your energy with what it is that motivates and arouses you as you prepare for his/her arrival....

-Value Your Worth: Is your cup full when sharing gifts/helping others?

-Support Your Purpose: Is your cup full when diving into an interest/creative exploration?

-Share Your Heart Space: Is your cup full when journeying new growth?

Filling your cup with self worth, purpose, and heart space is going to actualize your perfect match into the physical. We’re talking “Weird Science”. So get out your lab coats and protective goggles and let’s start creating Mr. (or Mrs.) Wonderful. 

Weird Science

Create Your Mate:

-Software Update:  What can you shift or eliminate to help you feel better? (Less gossip, turn off the news, unfollow certain peeps on social media). 

-Computer Program:  When you are alone... what turns you on and gets you going?  When do you feel the most alive, authentic, and aroused?  Tap into this!  Write it down, move it through your body, sing or talk, listen to music, engage and focus on what this is.

-Design: What qualities in your man (or lady) do you want him to have or be working on?  Do you want him to be receptive to your love & affection (open, curious, and observant)?  Do you want him to be humble (forgiving, secure, grounded)?  

-Download: Download the qualities you want in your man (or lady) into your system as the qualities within yourself that you want to connect with!  You want a man to be affectionate, supportive, and gentle?  Then make it your intention to surround yourself with what it is for you to gift and receive affection, support, and gentleness. 

-CUIDADO/PELIGROSO:  If you do not practice gifting/receiving these qualities you seek in a man, then you are shortcoming yourself of what it is you want... shared intimate love!

Recommended Read:

Journey of the Heart, by John Welwood

Sophia Brody, MA assists clients in a mindful, intuitive life coaching approach for empowering a motivated path. She provides compassionate reminders that invite conscious exploration beyond limitations. More info at or contact

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