• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Animal Power Practice: A Week of Reclaim

If I can offer any amount of love your way it is to give yourselves permission to be where you are at with no judgement. Use any amount of down time to do what feels good; nap, check out, relax, binge watch tv, meditate, fume, eat, etc.

This Animal Power Practice came to me today as I realized I'm ready to compliment my super napping skills with more contemplative-based intentions... to reclaim the residual lost energy over Debrah not wearing her mask, or Bill out walking with his whole family when they "should" be home.


Retell THE STORY. Spider encourages us to reweave a memory and prepare space for new goals.

Be the hero and take the things that have "happened to you" and like spider, weave them into things you have overcome.

What do you WANT to hear or see happen in your life and tell it as if it came true. Weave your dreams and fantasies into a world you want to live in.

Tell the story to a friend, record your voice, email it to yourself or post online.


Who are the loved ones/friends that you feel safe to be yourself with?