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Animal Power Practice: A Week of Reclaim

If I can offer any amount of love your way it is to give yourselves permission to be where you are at with no judgement. Use any amount of down time to do what feels good; nap, check out, relax, binge watch tv, meditate, fume, eat, etc.

This Animal Power Practice came to me today as I realized I'm ready to compliment my super napping skills with more contemplative-based intentions... to reclaim the residual lost energy over Debrah not wearing her mask, or Bill out walking with his whole family when they "should" be home.


Retell THE STORY. Spider encourages us to reweave a memory and prepare space for new goals.

Be the hero and take the things that have "happened to you" and like spider, weave them into things you have overcome.

What do you WANT to hear or see happen in your life and tell it as if it came true. Weave your dreams and fantasies into a world you want to live in.

Tell the story to a friend, record your voice, email it to yourself or post online.


Who are the loved ones/friends that you feel safe to be yourself with?

If it works out, initiate your Meerkat call to one or more loved ones. See if you can open up to being receptive to their compliments, affection or attention that feels good. Receive this with a breath, silent pause, or gratitude.

Even mailing a note is a wonderful way to receive support. Just knowing you are sending kind words is a way to feel good and compassionate towards yourself for doing something so kind.


Ground Yo-Self. Many of us have no choice but to slow down more than we are accustomed to at this time. We may find ourselves coping with activities or substances often distracting us from being present.

Call in your tortoise power. Feel into the protective, soothing comfort of your outer layer as you retreat inward into hibernation... not to escape but to focus on your connection between body sensations, slowing down, and grounding into the earth. Lay down for a nap or guided meditation. Set your bare feet in the dirt or grass. Go at your own pace.


Ask your higher power for a clear, specific signs today. Then watch, listen and feel what flows through. Often physical sensations reveal these signs. They might even come through in dreams. See if there is a specific sign that feels good and keeps reappearing. Animals can keep showing up to us as indicators of being on a certain path.

Look for the proof that validates the choices aligned with your highest power.

"I am the Walrus, coo coo cachoo".

TIGER THURSDAY: Others are looking to you for guidance - let it go to your heart. Lend a compassionate ear, offering, share a gift, or some words of encouragement.

Tiger shows us when to advance and when to yield... to pay attention to the flow of the environment while attuned to your own intuition. This would be a great day to disconnect to anything that doesn't feel good and tune into things that do.

Doubt and fear have no place in today as you honor your purpose. Allow others who are in disagreement with you to guide you more deeply into areas of your life you are most passionate about!


Falcon says look at today as the opportunity you've been asking for. There are going to be subtle moments that offer you the support and uplifting surprise you have been waiting for that's aligned with your purpose.

What is your purpose today? Note down what it is you most desire right now. What is the quality or energy behind this desire?

Aligning with these qualities is your purpose. Today is a time to take action with responding to the opportunities you have to align with these qualities. Falcon helps you stay focused on the goal and taking these baby steps along the way.

SNOW LEOPARD SATURDAY: Turning off the tube, social media or other electronics can be difficult... but sooo important. Snow leopard is calling us to unplug for a moment of solitude- maybe it's just to give yourself a couple minutes in between scrolling to gaze out your window in meditation. Maybe it's to do a full-on solo walk in your hood or in nature.

Some anxt may bubble up as you enter this "alone" time, but as you shift into this place of reception, you are normalizing a deeper habit of intimacy and compassion.

Feeling guilty? Stretch your lungs. Use your breath... slow, long, deep, rhythmic.

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