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Effortless Upgrade: A Guide for Matching Your Energy Level with Creative Motivation

Our energy levels show us the space we have to receive new creative ways of being. To go into receptive mode often takes motivation and willpower. For some who are feeling weighted with heavier anxious or depressive symptoms in response to the world events, this motivation can feel like a burden.

So how do we motivate with as little effort as possible? My go-to in greeting this shift goes back to Pema Chödrön’s wisdom. Her book, Start Where You Are, reminds us we have “everything we need” to acknowledge and shift our energy. We don’t need to change! My other go-to is using the elements of nature to help us recognize and connect with the creative properties we naturally embody.

What is Your Energy Level?

Below, you will find the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire). Each one lists it’s energy levels and a statement on how it receives its energy. Choose from one of these elements that best fits you (it’s ok to find that you resonate with more than one element. Just have fun!):


Energy level: insecure/secure, craving/full, unstable/grounded, sympathy/compassion

“I receive most my energy through connection. I feel grounded and balanced when I share, feed, nurture my energy.


Energy Level: undervalued/worthy, isolated/spacious, grief/release, anxiety/excitement

“I receive most my energy through my visions. Ideas and insight comes naturally for me. I can hear songs and read poems, watch shows or look online and feel inspired by what I sense and absorb.”


Energy Type: fear/secure, depleted/determination, stuck/flexible

“I receive energy through my dreams. I interpret the events in my life with meaning and purpose. I get excited through seeing life from various perspectives.”


burnout/honoring limits, withered/motivated, stifled/warmth (relaxed), hysteria/joy

“I receive energy through movement. I am moved to express my energy in the world. Using my body and breath satisfies me.”

Match Your Energy with Creative Motivation!

Match your element below with it’s creative prompt. This includes a Contemplation followed by a suggested tone for inner dialogue. Use this as a daily practice or even just a fun activity to try whenever you‘re feeling up for it. Again, go with what feels best even if it’s more than one element- personalize it and enjoy what happens:


What does my inner body look like today? If I were a tree what shape, color, community would I exist in? Notice the trees and plants today. In your home, out your window, on your walk. See if there are any that attract you more today than you’ve ever noticed before.

“Today I connect with my energy in a way that is loving and supportive. Any information, food, thoughts, words, songs, news I receive today will be done so with my full permission otherwise I will dismiss it altogether. I put a pause on any burdens that come my way. I can imagine releasing my burdens to the trees, plants and elements of the earth.”


What does my inner mind look like today? If my thoughts were like an imaginary office, how would they be organized in this space? Would there be silly photos on the table, a bouncy ball instead of a chair, a stack of magazines and some plants? Notice how my actual home is organized. Just notice. No judgement or need to feel I have to change anything. It’s perfect as it is. It doesn’t define me- see if I can let it inspire me or give me an idea. Maybe one piece of furniture can be moved or a drawer can be cleaned.

“Today I observe the amazing ideas that flow through my space. I notice the shapes and figures in my home that come together to create the comfort I need to relax and receive these visions. I even notice the negative space (the abstract shapes) in between the ordinary objects such as an empty wall or floor space. I might even put my head upside down and imagine walking on the ceiling. New ways to look at my space brings me new ideas to think about and try.”


What does my inner emotional landscape look like? If my emotions were the weather how would they appear today? Like a calm sea or a raging hurricane? A mixture of intense and serene? Notice the landscape that speaks to my emotions and see if I can watch them from a warm cozy window in mind’s eye. Notice today’s weather outside my actual home and how it might compare or contrast to the landscape of what is happening inside. Notice if there is any influence either way.

“Today I find meaning and insight in the symbols of the world around me. I take the idea of what has happened to me and ask myself ‘what does this have to teach me about myself and who I am in the world?’. I notice how my attitude can create a direct shift in the way I perceive the outside. How can a sad wilted flower turn into a grateful plant ready to give back to the earth? I experiment with how quickly I can change the way I see the world.”


What does my physical body wish to express? I find ways to move my body today through a sensation that speaks to me: taste, voice, sight, hearing, touch- Whatever action I take is a direct link to my expression even in the ways my eyes read these words and my breath moves through me. I give myself full permission to let my energy soar through my body in whatever way feels best.

“Today I am aware that my body is my expression. My body informs me about who I am and what I am capable of doing. Today my body is a playground and I get to be a child who has it all to myself! I have no fear to try new tricks and or practice old moves that feel liberating, fun and playful.”


Elements referred to but not subject to the five elements of Chinese Accupunture (focusing only on 4). To schedule an acupuncture session (in SLO, Ca) & to learn more check out 3seedsacupuncture


•The Five Elements and the Officials

by J.R. Worsley

•Start Where You Are

by Pema Chödrön

Sophia Brody, MA is a life coach who supports Clients in expanding beyond limitations in meaningful, creative, and intentional ways. More info at

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