• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Effortless Upgrade: A Guide for Matching Your Energy Level with Creative Motivation

Our energy levels show us the space we have to receive new creative ways of being. To go into receptive mode often takes motivation and willpower. For some who are feeling weighted with heavier anxious or depressive symptoms in response to the world events, this motivation can feel like a burden.

So how do we motivate with as little effort as possible? My go-to in greeting this shift goes back to Pema Chödrön’s wisdom. Her book, Start Where You Are, reminds us we have “everything we need” to acknowledge and shift our energy. We don’t need to change! My other go-to is using the elements of nature to help us recognize and connect with the creative properties we naturally embody.

What is Your Energy Level?

Below, you will find the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire). Each one lists it’s energy levels and a statement on how it receives its energy. Choose from one of these elements that best fits you (it’s ok to find that you resonate with more than one element. Just have fun!):


Energy level: insecure/secure, craving/full, unstable/grounded, sympathy/compassion

“I receive most my energy through connection. I feel grounded and balanced when I share, feed, nurture my energy.


Energy Level: undervalued/worthy, isolated/spacious, grief/release, anxiety/excitement

“I receive most my energy through my visions. Ideas and insight comes naturally for me. I can hear songs and read poems, watch shows or look online and feel inspired by what I sense and absorb.”


Energy Type: fear/secure, depleted/determination, stuck/flexible

“I receive energy through my dreams. I interpret the events in my life with meaning and purpose. I get excited through seeing life from various perspectives.”


burnout/honoring limits, withered/motivated, stifled/warmth (relaxed), hysteria/joy