• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Clear Skies: Unveiling Our Desires

Are you feeling it? It’s like this subtle (or dense 😬) cloud fogging the veil between you and feeling good. Maybe for now it’s just a feeling that seems off or unwanted- or maybe you know exactly what it is. If you can imagine for a moment what it would feel like if this cloud disappeared, what qualities come to mind?

These qualities beyond the cloud are your desire...are your right to reclaim. It’s your choice. And each time you choose it, you bring in your power. Time and time again.

On the other side of my weighted cloud is my desire for freedom. I will catch myself saying this word in my mind’s eye- “Freedom”. Followed by another word- “Spaciousness”. Two words with powerful meaning.

This summer these two words came to me when I was feeling trapped by outer expectations. These two words connecting me with clear skies.

As we all know, life is impermanent and since this summer, subtle energy leaks here and there have brought me to a place of teetering on the razors edge between fear and excitement.

Meditating has been a way to breathe through this process. At the moment it’s all energy swirling inside me- feeling heavier in some places compared to others. And interestingly enough, the calm of my thoughts during practice have seemed to amplify my awareness of this energy.

Tongue-tied and clouded in my description, I finally decided today that I am done with this weighted cloud. Within minutes, I came across a number of consecutive posts on instagram that greeted me with profound relief.

This one is from @sahdsimone - a stellar man and free spirit who promotes mindfulness and love and lots of dancing 😝:

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