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Diving Into Our Purpose: A Hero's Journey

“Love, like life, flows through the heart.

Feel the thrill of the flow and say nothing.”


What is your purpose: What do you feel passionate about/or love to do? What brings you joy and inspiration? What impact are you making in this world?

The way I see it, our purpose is an extension of our true Selves… it is the soul reflecting who we are in this world. Currently, I am going through major life changes in which realizing my purpose has been to follow my intuitive leads, to show up in my power, and honor and share what inspires me. It's urged me to level up and face my fears with a deep curiosity and trust.

Hero’s Journey

The nudge we feel to explore our purpose is a waking call to the hero’s journey. The hero’s journey was coined by mythologist/lecturer Joseph Campbell who explored the cycle of following an inner purpose of self discovery and expression. It is the catalytic quest of bravely diving into a conscious unlearning of old tendencies to love and accept the real self… our Divine nature.

The Call

Today I woke to a couple messages reminding me of the hero’s journey… bringing my efforts into flow with what it is I know I’m meant to connect with… my Self. I felt validated by a friends message reminding me of matching the energy of my perceptions with this brave journey. And in todays message from the Rumi Oracle deck… my awareness was complimented with the card “Passion for Purpose.” I’m noticing a collective interest in connecting with a purpose not just in myself but also in listening to clients, community healers, and close friends exploring their own nudges.

When we are called on this quest, we are sparked with the will to “free ourselves from the expectation we have to be something we are not” through a cycle of conscious awareness, unlearning, and love and acceptance. It is to say the least, a brave journey.

In the book Journey of the Heart, transpersonal psychologist, John Wellwood acknowledges that “no matter how much we think we know, it is only a tiny fraction of all that we don’t know… who we are is not who we have been [which has the potential] to keep us honest and awake… unfolding in new directions.” Unlearning our false self takes courage to recognize our introjections, comparisons and projections. And we can identify these tendencies each time we catch ourselves saying “should”, “must”, and “can’t”.

3 Main Stages

Exploring your personal hero’s journey can be broken down into three stages of being the witness, receiving the value, and expressing it in the world.

1. Witness: Initiation into life purpose

You are beyond who you think you’ve been.

2. Receive: Attaining the treasure

Dissembling what isn’t working as planned or expected and being open to what presents itself as old unnerving elements shed.

3. Express: The great return

Being witnessed and received for the innate value you offer this world (your sacred expression).

Tips and Musings


“I invite clarity into my conscious experience. I witness, receive, and express my Divine purpose.”

Imagine a surge of Divine golden light flowing in through your heart and spreading out through your core. Notice the sensations activated as the energy flows. May notice arousal and heightened emotions, or perhaps nothing at all. Whatever it is, it is a gift for you at this time to let it be and welcome it in.

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