• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Empowered Women’s Group

Ladies. Coming together and sharing their stories. Releasing thoughts and mind chatter in a constructive, supportive space. Laughing, crying, birthing inspiration and hope.

How It Started

I formed a supportive womens group at a time when I was tired of hearing my own story replay in my head. I wanted to hold space and be held and I couldn’t do it on my own. I thought I needed to be of service, to volunteer my time for a greater cause. And the idea came to me… I needed to offer my services with a group of women who’s stories needed to be shared and received.

Beautiful Grisel, the owner of Los Osos’s Left Coast Art Studio was completely on board. She is the heart of this community who invites all backgrounds and ages into her portal of unconditional love. And together we created a time for holding Empowered Women every Wednesday morning in her soulful studio space. What started as a month of Wednesday gatherings turned into an ongoing group that has become a sacred home for our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. We have come to find that not only does this group uplift each woman who walks into the space… it also leaves us energized and inspired when we walk out the door. It’s become our weekly tonic.

What It Looks Like

My intention is to guide our sessions with an opportunity for the group to lead our exploration. Occasionally I will offer a brief guided meditation or breathwork, a take home practice such as a gratitude manifestation journal, or a topic of the day such as laughter or releasing limitations. But for the most part the women intuitively create the theme and my job is to offer insight, reframing old stories into inspired hope, to manage our time, and to make sure each person has a chance to share what’s in their heart.

Where to Join

The group is open to any woman interested in expanding their personal life path. We meet each Wednesday @ 1188 Los Osos Valley Road next to Celia’s Cafe in Los Osos. It’s $5/woman and free to first timers. You can follow up with offerings on Instagram @transpersonalmuse and @leftcoastartstudio.

If you would like to join the Empowered Womens group, please show up!

The door is open.

Blessings of love and joy,


Sophia, MA, combines her background in psychology with her life coaching and expressive arts in healing to offer individuals a space for self exploration.

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