• Sophia Brody, M.A.

"Fall" Into Your Sacred Self

The equinox marks equal amounts of lightness in the day as there is darkness in the night. We're making that shift of bringing our energy back in, coming into our core heat, and protecting our center as it prepares for a dark, cool winter. Symbolically, this seasonal shift gifts our psyche an opportunity to engage with our personal energy and to begin reviewing what attachments and limitations we have that we are ready to begin releasing over the next few months.

In Chinese Elements, fall is symbolized by the Metal or Air element. It is a time when we are beginning to loosen our grip on our ripened/dried leaves and fruits (old ways/stories). We are getting ready to let go our absorption from and influence onto the world. The light and dark we accumulated and the light and dark we passed on.

Our accumulated and displaced energy sits heavy in our bodies or spins wildly in our heads creating physical discomfort and restless overwhelm. On the other hand, a lack of engagement triggers distance, isolation, and holding on - in some cases that even means constipation!

To honor your rhythm during this equinox in preparation for loosening your grip, you may be inspired to set aside some sacred time with your Self. Here is a simple guided practice to bring it all home and to create space for exploring the quality of your grief along with the intention of not letting it identify you:

Free Tips & Musings

How do we transcend our grip and let our grief "fall"?

-We let go of our stories that define it.... Instead, we replace the stories with a description about the quality of our grief/the sensations and the images it brings up.

-We don't hold onto our routine/self loathing.... Instead, we replace our routine with a ritual that honors puts our energy in motion and allows the waves of grief to move through us.

-We release our grip on control.... Instead, we replace our control with an intention that puts our trust in something bigger than us (prayer, candlelight/reflection, meditation, mantra, affirmation).

-We exhale... Instead of holding our breath or taking short gasps, we bring our awareness to full cycled breaths. The air element is also linked to our lungs... so take that deep breath and feel the release of our tensions and resistances through the out breath.

-We give up holding on....and instead we move. Physically move the body to shift the energy and release it through our pours (this is a big one for me!).

Simple Fall/Grief Ritual:

Place a candle on a tray and a few natural/beautiful items that remind you of the "air" element (I usually go with a feather) along with any other elements (earth, fire, water). On a note paper write down the names/situations that brings you grief or weighs heavy in your body. Spend some time with this or if you are