• Sophia Brody, M.A.

New Year Fertilizer

If 2020 were a big shit... then 2021 is the compost, the fertilizer that gathers our burnout, burdens, and fear milling into this super rich and supple soil for germinating our desires. In this vision I am whole again. And again. And again. With each remembrance, there’s an instant compassionate act of empowerment gifted to myself time and again. And again. And again.

2020 started me off on a party train celebrating life. I was really drawn to enjoy and focus on what felt good in my world... painting and creating more art!

As the world shifted over this past year, magnifying the value of life through a pandemic, equal rights and political awakening, I sat with the affirmation of forgiveness... seeing this as a necessary daily reminder for us all who feel heavy or burdened. I teetered in my judgements. I worked through hiccups in my children’s struggles, and I continue to try my best-which doesn't always feel that way- to recover responsibly in tending family needs and my own.

I weaved in and out of moving my energy, which during a quarentine is a different level of commitment when left to my own vices. Finding a small safe tribe of others who shared health and wellness intentions for holding space has really supported me.

My body yo-yo’d throughout this year... I enjoyed squeezing the roundness of my hips and juicy thighs. Appreciating that my body knows exactly what it needs to do to with each expansion and contraction. Even last night my son snuggled me and said “mom you are the softest one in our family” and I breathed that in with a smile and extra squeeze. If my shape and size feels extra good to him then I gotta appreciate I’m doing something right...always.

I’m practicing the art of allowing...which is often forgotten out of old habits. With each ‘yes’ in receiving loving affection, attention, or support and care, I lure back a part of myself that hides in the shadows of resistance. This is a very empowering self-healing practice that I intend to continue into the new year. Easier said than done.

If I could wish anything to come true this New Year, it would be to empower our world everyday with each release, rest, and recovery of each of your bitch’n beautiful souls!!! You have inspired my recovery of myself time and again... and for that I am forever grateful.

Tips and Musings

•Reclaim: Saying yes to gifts of love

•Recover: Responding to energetic burnout through space, rest, and a cocktail of zoning in and out.

•Forgiveness: Releasing weights of unease and discomfort to the neutralizing source of the natural world. Each time we remember.

• Bonus:

Movie: 'Soul'

Oracle deck: Rebel Deck

Read: a powerful story of hope, love and healing

Sophia Brody, MA is an artist and Transpersonal life coach who supports clients in their healing, creative paths.

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