• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Connect + Play = Manifest All Day

I've been having these flashes of inspiration to sift through the clutter in my home and throw away anything that I have no use for. It started with this urge to go through a kitchen junk drawer. I avoided it until one night I spontaneously read in a book how cleaning up our space is a way to release stored energy that is interrupting our flow with abundance. I immediately took this as a sign.

Cleaning up can feel like a massive commitment. But when I identified my limiting thoughts around it and could open to what felt like Divine intervention, I'd feel these subtle shifts of release.... as though I was mentally throwing out and releasing the junk before doing so in the physical.

The fear I held onto around the changes I was making had been preventing me from tapping into the quality of space that feels good, fresh, inviting, and satisfying.

Connecting with a guiding source of Love ✌🏽 created the momentum for these wonderful feelings to manifest along the way even before the task was complete. I could actually tap into the space of feeling good, fresh, inviting, and satisfying during the journey of decluttering my home even with all the junk still in the drawer!

This is such a simple metaphor for what we are capable and meant to be doing on our journeys! Playing with our connection to this source energy of Love... this space of support and expansion as a gift we all have access to along the way. And it comes to us at any point we remember and feel the need or desire.

Tips & Musings

Playing with Manifestation Exercise

  1. MANIFEST. Choose something simple and achievable you wish to MANIFEST: (task, situation, event) that you can do with ease: Like cleaning a junk drawer, going for a walk, cooking a meal.

  2. INTENTION. Identify your INTENTION: What quality are you wanting to tap into from achieving this? For me, cleaning up was a way to tap into space. Maybe with a walk it would be to tap into freedom... perhaps with cooking it is tapping into creativity.

  3. BE LED. Invite Loving GUIDANCE: Continue to ask yourself where you feel led? When I opened the junk drawer I felt led to gather and dump anything that didn't serve (which was all of it! Not really but mostly). I felt moved to change the layout, wipe it clean, and then be done... was way easier than I expected.

  4. RELEASE EGO. Loosen the grip on EGO: This is a great time to be funny... check yoself when the wining chimes in... Or when that voice that says "I need to stop doing this or that". Any focus you have on what is not working out can be bookmarked as ego.

  5. PLAY with Love: If I felt stuck in whether to throw something away or keep it, I would ask "do these things serve my higher good?" I could feel the answer in my gut. ESPECIALLY the "Yes". In other words, if I didn't hear or feel anything then the items would go into the trash. But feeling those "Yes's" were so expansive and freeing in connection with what I experience Love to be. In honoring the Yes's, my intention for Space manifested before I was even finished. Felt really good and assuring to witness just how powerful this "playtime" really is!

  6. CELEBRATE: In completing my tasks, I got to show it off to my family and bask in the space that was created outside of myself. Celebration is the Joy-filled expression of gratitude. Celebrate playing with Love and enJOYing the journey you created! It affirms to your psyche that this is the experience you are going after... that you have created proof that what you desire really does come true!

If you consider an artist creating a project, they don't focus on what is not working out. If they did then they would never complete their art. They focus on what is moving them to create something that is working out until it becomes a masterpiece. Focus on the yes's and staying tapped into the intention (quality) of what it is you are manifesting, and I promise you (at least from my experience) that you will have so much fun with this!

Sophia Brody, MA has been enjoying this time playing. She works with individuals who are ready to focus on the "yes's" of their inner guiding source and enjoying their journey along the way!

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