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Get Some: How Offerings Open Us to Receiving What’s Best

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I started reading this book by Tosha Silver called Its Not Your Money. The premise is that money is a physical extension of the abundant supply of source energy. Our ability to tap into and receive from abundance is a "shift from demanding and chasing to offering and opening".

Offering is what it's all about here... we release attachments to ego and invite the Divine to shine through. We witness this when our "instinctive inner Self shows the right actions at the right time". Oh ya, I like this!!!

*The term Greater Source feels good to me, but obviously y’all will have your own term that feels right... “universe, love, Divine, God, Spirit, nature, etc.”.

It got me thinking... when I look at the things I don’t want or the things I lack, does this mean I have lost touch with Divine? If so, would I notice more uplifting surprises if I intentionally offer myself as a vessel to the greater good?


In taking Tosha Silver's message of offering to heart... I began my experiment quietly praying brief offerings to the highest good of each situation where I desire satisfaction. And if I’m not certain what it is I am to do, I ask for clarity to easily recognize and accept the next step that will serve my highest good.

This can look as simple as saying

• “I offer myself and gifts in service to the highest good in my life”. Or if at a loss, saying something like

•“I am guided by a greater source to see clearly and make all the right decisions for the greater good”.

I also like this affirmation from Silver:

•”Open me to whatever I'm meant to receive from this sacred process”. And always, in gratitude, completing these offerings with a personalized way of giving thanks!

Key words or symbols to note:

•I offer,

•I am guided, •greater source, •greater good •thank you

Give In

By no coincidence did my daily offerings bring me to learn about the Raikov Effect. It’s a hypnosis strategy discovered in the 70’s that taps people into a genius mindset. Learn more here. Obviously, I haven’t personally attempted the Raikov Effect since I’m not a genius (yet-haha). But I have learned that its intent is similar to the likes of contemplative techniques I’ve enjoyed doing.

The times I had spent post maitri meditation or shamanic journeying... similar to the Raikov technique, these practices brought me into a receptive mode where I invited and opened to embodying the wisdom of a greater source. Maitri to connect with loving kindness. And journeying to connect with guidance and healing wisdom of Spirit. Really there is no seperation here, however the inspired energy I would come away with influenced and enriched me in specific ways.

I’ll never forget coming out of a maitri practice and feeling as though I had tapped into the essence of Bob Marley. And not to mention I was stone sober!!! I went to work as a barista so kicked back and feeling as though there was nothing but time and space to enjoy... no stress or anxiety existed (which was typically my reaction to the busy hustle of the café).

The insight from these experiences have definitely validated the significance of entrusting my decisions led by something greater than myself... an all loving, compassionate, expansive, creative and flowing energy that I sense within and beyond.

Tips & Musings

As of recently I have been diligently leaning on offerings as a way to play with the steps I take. A review of the practice:

1. Offer an invitation for what you want to receive like mentioned above in Offerings, 2. Share gratitude for being shown the way.

3. Receive with ease the choices you feel moved to make along the way!

Questions to ask yourself:

• “am I asking from a place of ego (control) or divine (flow)?” • “am I focusing on the “yes’s” or the ‘no’s?” (What I want)

• “am I celebrating my journey?” (Grateful and playful)

Get'n It

You can play with this through simple situations! Today during an oil change that was to only take 1 hour, I asked divine source to guide me in how to spend my wait time. Typically I would just hang at the dealership or go to coffee or the store. But for the first time today I felt moved to hike a trail I had never been on across the street from the dealership.

I kept asking to be led and to make it clear when I needed to return to my car.

Every time I shifted the limiting tone (“I need to get back soon”) to curiosity (“show me what’s next”) I was moved to keep going.

I reached a bench halfway up that was at a peak overlooking the city... that was it! By the time I returned to my car I assumed it would have been ready. It had been 2 hours! But it wasn't finished!! I only had to wait two minutes... and then was on my way... Divine timing.

Heres what I have noticed from playing with offerings:

•The “stuff“ I had been dreading or feeling burdened by have been dissolving... •With each subtle effort I put into offering myself to greater source, I feel my perception open. Not to say I’m always aligned with this cuz y’all know I forget all day long!! •The times I do remember to offer are like these sweet breaths of relief... like “Oh, wait a sec!! Something so wonderful and larger than myself always has my back!!”

What is your experience with inviting source energy to guide you (how do you get out of your own way)? What ways do you offer your intentions? How are your best interests fulfilled when you connect with something greater than yourself? I would love to hear and share your stories of inspiration!

Yum Yum, Gimme Some

In sharing all of this, I am joyfully excited to offer you one of my favorite soul-full recipes that’ll feed you with the Greatest Gooooood... its my take on Malaysian Dhal (made with red lentils) and Roti Jala (Crepe nests). Recipe is provided below.

My take on Maysian Dhal:

2 tble sp oil

1 Onion diced

1 tablespoon diced Garlic

1/4 of a Lemon squeezed

1 bay leaf

1 lb split red lentils (can substitute other kinds)

1 can diced tomatoes

1 can coconut milk

3 cups veggie stock

2 tablespoons graham masala

salt n pepper to taste

In a hurry? Throw it all in a crockpot at once. Otherwise take it slowww:

Sautee onions in oil on medium/high til soft and golden (7ish minutes). Add garlic, lemon juice and graham masala. Stir for 2 minutes. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and let cook for 33-55 minutes or as long as instructed for the lentils you are using. if the dhal is too thick, add more broth. When complete, remove bay leaf and let cool. Serves 5-7 peeps. I love this big batch so I can freeze and reheat later on.

*garnish with yogurt or sour cream and cilantro.

Roti Jala (Crepe Nests):

2 eggs or egg substitute

2 C flour

1 1/2 C milk or unflavored milk alternative (coconut or oat)

1 1/2 C water

1/2 tsp tumeric

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 melted butter

*This Roti Jala is a lil Anarcist

Mix all ingredients til smooth and creamy. Pour some of the batter into a ladle. Set a greased pan on high heat and when ready, pouring about 1/4 c of the batter in a squiggly shape onto the pan. Once it firms and turns golden brown, flip over for a brief moment and then fold and set aside on a large plate. About 1-2 minutes each crepe.

*Use nests to scoop up and stuff yoself with the yum dhal!!!


Sophia Brody, MA applies a background in psychology, art, and intuitive healing techniques to assist clients awakening to a satisfying & meaningful life.

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