• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Get Some: How Offerings Open Us to Receiving What’s Best

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I started reading this book by Tosha Silver called Its Not Your Money. The premise is that money is a physical extension of the abundant supply of source energy. Our ability to tap into and receive from abundance is a "shift from demanding and chasing to offering and opening".

Offering is what it's all about here... we release attachments to ego and invite the Divine to shine through. We witness this when our "instinctive inner Self shows the right actions at the right time". Oh ya, I like this!!!

*The term Greater Source feels good to me, but obviously y’all will have your own term that feels right... “universe, love, Divine, God, Spirit, nature, etc.”.

It got me thinking... when I look at the things I don’t want or the things I lack, does this mean I have lost touch with Divine? If so, would I notice more uplifting surprises if I intentionally offer myself as a vessel to the greater good?


In taking Tosha Silver's message of offering to heart... I began my experiment quietly praying brief offerings to the highest good of each situation where I desire satisfaction. And if I’m not certain what it is I am to do, I ask for clarity to easily recognize and accept the next step that will serve my highest good.

This can look as simple as saying

• “I offer myself and gifts in service to the highest good in my life”. Or if at a loss, saying something like

•“I am guided by a greater source to see clearly and make all the right decisions for the greater good”.

I also like this affirmation from Silver:

•”Open me to whatever I'm meant to receive from this sacred process”. And always, in gratitude, completing these offerings with a personalized way of giving thanks!

Key words or symbols to note:

•I offer,