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Cozying Up with Our Jazzy Selves... A Winter Solstice Vibe

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Watching a cartoon called Grizzy with my kiddo Levi, when the main character goes into a tanning booth to impress his crush. He gets comfortably situated in his bed but as soon as the booth seals shut he goes into a claustrophobic panic.

This cartoon image of a bear panicking in the tanning booth reminded me of how sensitive and restless I can feel once my energy is given an opportunity to settle.

During these longer nights (winter solstice) a time when nature’s elements gravitate to dormancy, even with our bodies at rest, our energy continues to stir within; dreams, visions, ideas, plans, pasts, futures.

Ken Wilber, the transpersonal author of No Boundaries, views our energies as interdependent on their counterparts... there’s no panic without calm, fear without trust, isolation without belonging.

We can take these perspectives as motivation to let our undesired tendencies go dormant ... to give a Neutral tone to what isn’t serving so that it’s counterpart can germinate new ideas and sprout creative momentum.

Tips & Musings

I’ve listed a very simple practice that can be done in less than a minute to help join with the forces of nature as she quietly goes dormant:

  1. Permission: A wonderful place to start, always, is in giving ourselves permission to be where we are at without apologizies. Own it for you. If I feel bitchy then I give myself permission to own and reframe this boss ass energy and breath some space into it. Which brings me to the next step:

  2. Space: Give yourself space to be YOU. Whatever it is that says to you “I got you”!!! I love imagining the universe has my back. Sometimes I look at plants in my backyard as a symbol of this protection. It’s a great way to release my burdens to a higher power. And then most importantly to complete this cycle of expression with the greatest offering...

  3. Gratitude: I’m not talking superficial ‘thank you’s‘ to everyone outside of myself. I mean recognition and grace towards my inner being... to awakening to my experience in love and compassion.

Sophia Brody, MA as a life coach and artist enjoys supporting and collaborating on helping clients connect with and be empowered in their lives.

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