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Heart First through the Hoops of Success: Aligning Your Flow with a Focus-Driven Career

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

There’s a cycle we go through as entrepreneurs and those of us with focus-driven careers. It’s a cycle of ebb and flow with the pursuit of our natural gifts that we offer through service. These gifts are an extension of ourselves when we bring meaning and connection into our work, and whatever else we choose to do. We are driven by the value we see in our gifts through an exchange for recognition, payment, influence on others, and most importantly the wonderful energy we feel in doing what we do.

Through the ebb and flow, we manage to align with an enriched drive or purpose in sharing our gifts. There’s an ownership and responsibility to this alignment as it gages how much of our personal energy we offer through our services: Reclaiming our energy when we’re depleted. Focusing our energy when overwhelmed. Cleansing our energy when it’s been manipulated or taken advantage of. Learn how to refuel your energy:

Once alignment is in tact, the will to stay in our flow appeals more than resisting whatever life throws at us. There’s contentment in our worth and we tap into the great value in our every step.

The path of staying in the flow is in being in our power (our energy) and connecting with the potential versions and goals we know in our hearts are achievable. Eventually, even “risk-taking” opportunities become part of our path, our destiny. Our purpose is driven to evolve and expand.

”Taking leaps” is part of the’s natural to seek what’s next... to push through old boundaries. It’s also known as progression. Transitioning and staying flexible to the shifts necessary for advancing in success.

In the article, 5 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Risk-Taking, states that success involves taking risks no one else’s a way to stand out and claim our niche... our natural gifts! But if we’re not in alignment with what that means for us then we’re either gonna find ourselves lost in the game without enough drive or burned out along the way.

When aligned with what brings us pleasure, we can find ourselves in the flow with life and its opportunities. We’ve tended our energy, tank is full, vision is clear, ideas ignited, creative power activated and there’s a sense of inspiration to just go for it!

Taking leaps and risks become exhilarating... they become necessary because they are an extension of our aligned expression. We HAVE to go after it, do it, pursue it or we’ll crawl out of our skin. Alignment is Embodying and living in the vision of our potential (our power with purpose).

When our energy tank is full then we’re ready to drive past the city limits into new territory. And I’ve got a movie to compare this to: PeeWees Big Holiday! This movie is a hilarious interpretation of taking a leap to drive past the town limits where PeeWee has never been. It’s full of adventure and risk along the way. His mind stays focused on the vision (purpose) to overcome each hurdle with his goofy signature chuckle until he reaches his goal.

When we’re aligned we take leaps... it’s part of the path of evolution. It’s why we’re entrepreneurs and focus driven... because we are visionaries. We see what we are capable of and where we can make connections between what we have to offer and the purpose we have to share. We have to move towards or next destination, challenging ourselves to step into even better versions of ourselves and beyond!

Side Note: Our tone determines our level of success. The more humor and lightheartedness, the more successful we are... within ourselves! Having this ability brings relief and release for overcoming crash landings along the journey to achieving great goals.

Tips & Musings for aligning your flow with your leaps:

1. Establish a Foundation/Trust (a landing place).

2. Clarify a Vision (purpose/goal)

3. Make Space for Connection (potential self)

4. Feel into the Motivation (energy prepped/needed for making the jump)

5. Embrace the Expression (the full leap)

6. Respond with a Signature Giggle

Sophia Brody, M.A., applies a variety of introspective models to help clients live beyond their limitations. Learning to see the symbolic properties in our daily lives becomes a direct connection with a deeper intelligence. Learn ways to make space for releasing your old cycles and to be ready to embody your potential by contacting Sophia at Learn more about her services at

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