• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Personal Attack Detox



a poisonous substance secreted by animals ...injected into prey or aggressors by biting or stinging. synonyms: poison, toxin;

Extreme malice and bitterness shown in someone's attitudes, speech, or actions. "his voice was full of venom"

When we aren't prepared and people come at us with aggressive or manipulative venom, our nervous system goes into survival mode. We try to control the pain of the attack by fighting back (projecting the pain). Sometimes we become paralyzed with shock (repressing the pain). And other times we even attempt to escape it altogether by hiding from the fact that it doesn't feel good (avoiding the pain).

The Toxic Truth:

People are not toxic. What is toxic is the build up of venom that we absorb from them... these are low vibrational energies (thoughts and feelings) we identify as our own.

The more we try to control the pain of these thoughts and feelings, the more the pain builds up and depletes us. Our chance at overcoming this mess is through our awareness and will to transmute it.

Free Tips & Musings:

How to track our own toxicity?

  1. Identify the voices in our heads that perpetuate toxicity... that eats away at us, points blame, distracts us from our worth, and has us lost in the pain.

  2. Notice when we are fighting back: yelling for our voices to be heard, afraid of not being seen or understood.

  3. Catch ourselves when we shut down: when we absorb the pain as a personal truth.

  4. When we find ourselves isolated from trying to outrun the pain.