• Sophia Brody, M.A.


I've caught myself in a void... wondering where is my understanding and compassion with what’s going on with our country, with George Floyd’s death and the mass protests. Where is my ability to hold space when it’s interfered with my resistance and insecurity?

I see many friends and white peeps rising to take action, asking questions, offering help, sharing pics, statements, news and opinions.

I catch myself feeling anxious... should I post a black screen on social media? Should I go walk HWY 101 in protest? Should I sign every petition and donate to the causes?? My inner critic says “I should DO something!”

My Spirit says “Stop”. Stop convincing myself that I have to do anything and the answers will start coming. I read a black man’s words to white people. “Just listen”.


I listen to the wounds of systemic racism as it appears in my own ignorance as a privileged white woman.

I listen to the voices of our black communities dreams and desires, inviting their leadership and guidance in moving US ALL forward.

Continue in this time to stop and listen. Listen to the way things have been for our black community, the way our system is being called out, and the way the world is shifting.

Tips and Musings:

•Respect the voices that need to be heard. Ask them to share, sit back and listen. And in this space, continue listening.

•Honor the feels... unknown, shaky, new territory can bring up pain and emotional discomfort. Gather the resources that ground and sooth (i.e. feet on ground and slow rhythmic breath).

•Remember who we really are... dreamers, visionaries, workers and doers who bring plans into action. When our basic needs are met, we are moved by the energy to expand in creative ways. It takes a diverse collective to invite progress.

•Love on our families, children, teachers, helpers, neighbors. Be there for each other. Forgive what might turn you off, and then recall the basic goodness that pulses through our veins. Hug, share, express our love, and most important... listen.