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Making Emotional Shifts: Solar Eclipse of the Heart

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” - Buddha

July 2, 2019 - I woke from some heavy emotional dream states and remembered today is the Solar eclipse during a new moon! How is this relevant? This is a big day in our galaxy and it offers our personal lives a heightened opportunity for making emotional shifts. Its a time you may be experiencing waves of emotions simultaneously flooding and clearing your psyche. How you honor these emotions greatly contributes to the ways you feel and accept yourself in all of your potential without getting in your own way.

How to Gage the Emotions:

Our emotional states offer wisdom through awakening. This is the first prompt I wish to offer for creating positive shifts. Without going into impulsive reactions or taking offense towards these emotions, start by just noticing what you are feeling... allow the waves of your emotions to wash through you. Once you’ve spent a moment being clear on what you’re feeling, you might explore aspects of shifting these states through the awarenesses:

1. Boundaries.

Emotions teach us what our boundaries are...such as our limitations and what we are willing to tolerate. Emotional attacks from others also teach us about our boundaries. How much of their stuff are we willing to take, absorb or fight back before we are drained? Or are we willing to watch and allow all ourselves the chance to feel without attaching a story or explanation through the discomfort?

2. Cleansing.

Emotions, when given the chance to be experienced rather than avoided or repressed, and when appropriately expressed, wash through us like an energy cleansing. Anger moves like fire to inspire extraction and creativity. Sadness moves like water, flushing a release and letting go. Happiness moves like blossoms that spring out to share and reveal our gifts. How might your emotions be cleansing?

3. Transmuting.

When the waves of emotions are able to flow through, they are transmuted from very charged and heightened states to neutral states. Neutral doesn’t mean they are gone or absent, but are rather nonthreatening, observable and constructive. We can experience them from more of a distance with clarity.

Use this Time Wisely:

What’s going on in our galaxy and how each event is giving rise to our heightened opportunity to create shift is revealed in the following:

1. The new moon: a time of clearing a space in oursleves, cleansing and preparing the aspects of body, mind, and spirit. To do this, I sometimes just go before a mirror and look at myself. I think about where I am coming out of in this last month. How far I’ve come, where my thoughts are, how I might be feeling off or unsatisfied. I also look at what I am grateful for, what I desire, and ways I’m willing to level up. And then I clean the mirror. It’s that simple. After cleaning I look at my reflection and I decide the person I want to be.

Consider what this means to you. It might be that you take more intentional breaths through the day (I make a sticky note to remind me and place on mirror). Or it might be to not lash out on loved ones. I give myself a motto to say in my head when I’m with them. Sometimes it’s goofy and it humors me. Those are usually the best cuz I’ll remember them. (I love ”let go and let God” aka Divine/Nature/Space). It might be that you decide to hydrate yourself by drinking more water. This simple act of intention applies and sets the tone in your body, relationships, in home, in work/service, in health, and in being.

2. Solar eclipse: this is an opportunity for being real with self in all our lightness and darkness...beyond seeing, listening, or studying aspects of our existence. This is our chance to go into the heart of our participation. Who are we really!?? Who are we in each moment? Who do we identify as and how does this shift depending on who we are with, what we are doing, what we are attracting or releasing? What are our light and dark spots teaching us?

3. Month of Cancer sign: a symbol of water...emotions and dreams, transparency and introspection. As my dear sister/healer/friend Krista Rooney reminds me, this is a time for side stepping from the obstacles that trigger. This is the opportunity to check ourselves in typical fight or flight situations and instead of attack or avoid, to shift out of the way and be the observer of our emotional states and the emotional states of others.

Make the Shift

If you’re feeling it, use this time to start the shift. Use the next few days to clean your mirrors to see yourself clearly and to make space for your emotions. You can use different times through the day to practice your shift by asking yourself; Who do I want to be in these situations?

Learn more about asking this question and the meaning of this solar eclipse:

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