• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Refuel Your Tank

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

For each day over the week you will find effective techniques for filling up your energetic gas tank! Think of visiting these offerings each day as if you’re pulling into a universal gas station of free support!

If you ever feel wiped out, have little to give, drained, hungover, or just over it... if you want to be left alone or distracted and checked-out then this is my challenge to you!

Apply a direct, easy-to-follow approach to refueling the body, mind, spirit, emotions, sexuality, and creativity, along with troubleshooting through the process.

Oftentimes running on low fuel creates a sense of helplessness, lacking energy or ideas on what will make us feel better.

We don’t always do our best at preventing a low tank which is why we end up in these states. But there are effective, automatic approaches that will bring our rides up and running in no time.

Proof of Insurance

If you agreed to experiencing any one of the above symptoms at this time, then pull your ride over before you completely run outa gas! Insure your ride with basic self care so that you can ride smooth, long distances.

When we mindlessly rely on synthetic energy (i.e. alternative substance use, codepent behaviors) it’s like filling up on diluted energy. It’s not sufficient and actually has the tendency to create more damage to the overall system.

When filling up with a mindful and loving intent then we’re looking at long term replenished results that provide a clean, vibrant ride. There’s a quality of humbleness when tending your energy with the understanding that our fuel comes from a greater source. This is the same source that gives us life, created our planet, birthed the stars and the space that surrounds us. Its premium universal!

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Start with the body mechanics of your vehicle! Come back to the foundation that carries the fuel. Track and repair any leaks or tears in the tank by meeting your basic needs so you can go the distance without creating more problems for yourself. If you have deep wounds, unmet emotional needs, repressed trauma, or illness then seeking professional help will benefit your refueling in significant ways. Appropriate support looks like counseling, recovery programs, support groups, and natural approaches (homeopathic, acupuncture, Ayurvedic). It’s not required but in my coaching it is definitely a priority before beginning a committed practice.


Universal Gas Stations: