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Refuel Your Tank

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

For each day over the week you will find effective techniques for filling up your energetic gas tank! Think of visiting these offerings each day as if you’re pulling into a universal gas station of free support!

If you ever feel wiped out, have little to give, drained, hungover, or just over it... if you want to be left alone or distracted and checked-out then this is my challenge to you!

Apply a direct, easy-to-follow approach to refueling the body, mind, spirit, emotions, sexuality, and creativity, along with troubleshooting through the process.

Oftentimes running on low fuel creates a sense of helplessness, lacking energy or ideas on what will make us feel better.

We don’t always do our best at preventing a low tank which is why we end up in these states. But there are effective, automatic approaches that will bring our rides up and running in no time.

Proof of Insurance

If you agreed to experiencing any one of the above symptoms at this time, then pull your ride over before you completely run outa gas! Insure your ride with basic self care so that you can ride smooth, long distances.

When we mindlessly rely on synthetic energy (i.e. alternative substance use, codepent behaviors) it’s like filling up on diluted energy. It’s not sufficient and actually has the tendency to create more damage to the overall system.

When filling up with a mindful and loving intent then we’re looking at long term replenished results that provide a clean, vibrant ride. There’s a quality of humbleness when tending your energy with the understanding that our fuel comes from a greater source. This is the same source that gives us life, created our planet, birthed the stars and the space that surrounds us. Its premium universal!

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Start with the body mechanics of your vehicle! Come back to the foundation that carries the fuel. Track and repair any leaks or tears in the tank by meeting your basic needs so you can go the distance without creating more problems for yourself. If you have deep wounds, unmet emotional needs, repressed trauma, or illness then seeking professional help will benefit your refueling in significant ways. Appropriate support looks like counseling, recovery programs, support groups, and natural approaches (homeopathic, acupuncture, Ayurvedic). It’s not required but in my coaching it is definitely a priority before beginning a committed practice.


Universal Gas Stations:


Physical Fill Up: Give yourself permission to enjoy being in your own skin... to feel sensual and sensational. Most of us have some emotional triggers around being in our body. So take this time to practice being in your body for yourself and no one else. Drink water, nourish with good food, sleep/nap/rest, move/energize your body, and get in the sun. Try laying out naked. Enjoy the warmth. Or go to sleep naked. Enjoy the quality of your body.

Catch your own attention and feel into how sensational and arousing this human experience is. And the kicker is to do this without criticizing. In fact make the only line going through your mind be “I FEEL... (and then describe the quality) soft, curvy, warm, clean”. Describing the quality of your experience helps shift the emotional attachment. You are getting into the body and exploring the sensations of the ride without getting stuck in traffic. You become the observer. Its like taking the top down on a convertible and feeling the rush of fresh air through your hair as you drive.

Watch the “Pool” episode 4 of “Shrills” an inspiring example of emotional empowerment when a woman gives herself permission to be in her own skin. ”

Issues w sleep? Tonight try listening to a guided meditation or visualization that you enjoy. Abraham Hicks Meditation for Deep Sleep is wonderful. Not into listening to someone talk in your ear? Try downloading from iTunes “Healing Power of Ocean Waves and Tibetan Singing Bowls”.

Day 2

Mental Fill Up: You gotta filter your mind (thoughts) like your panning for gold. It is a conscious effort not to remain in old attitudes. Today reset your schedule to include refueling statements that will remind you to align on a track of fulfillment.

Committing to a new mindset is a way of setting personal boundaries and it’s as important as wearing a seatbelt and driving the speed limits... Especially if you sense resentment or are feeling burdened by your daily tasks. Your boundaries refuel by protecting and containing your energy so that it doesn’t get contaminated or spill out of control. Its your personal set of road rules that helps release undesirable attitudes about your tasks, and starts attracting pleasurable possibilities.

Learn more/register for my experiential Transpersonal psychology course Dissolving the Walls of Limitations

Mindset Mantras:

Commit to one of these mantras or one of your own that you resonate with between and during each task of the day. The cool part is your brain is tricked by imagined thinks they’re real. So when you choose a mantra, feel it’s truth on some level:

“I am in control of my own happiness.”

“I trust my intuition”

“Today is working out for me”

“I have everything I need”

“I am grateful for my gifts”

“I handle each task in connection with my potential”

Day 3

Spiritual Fill Up: Presence. Coming into the body is next level. Grounds you into a state of relax and trust and can cultivate an intuitive flow between your inner and outer worlds. A direct way of working with this is through Yoga Pranayama.

Pranayama (Breathing techniques) can be done for a few minutes a day. Seriously helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression!! But more importantly it is a way to connect with your life force which flows through the quality of breath. Click here to Learn More about the benefits and risks. Practice pranayama alternate nostril breathing today!!! View Here.

Today: spend a few minutes practicing conscious BREATHING. Even a simple awareness of your natural breathing cycle. The quality of your breath reveals a lot about what state you’re in. A typical day is spent breathing in autopilot...mirroring tension through shortness of breath, depletion through empty sighs. Conscious breathing engages your life force through restoration, calm and vitality to your overall system.

Day 4

Emotional Fill Up:

Please Pay Cashier Inside

In your daily routine, schedule in refueling that induces happiness for others as well. Think of this as a pay it forward. Investing your energy through connection. Sometimes you have to give a little in order to receive a lot! One way to do this is in taking the same amount of time to be present with others as you do for yourself for brief amounts of time every day.

Try a “give n take” with your time: 10 minutes of giving your time with others and ten minutes of taking time for yourself. This works amazing with children. A little undivided attention goes a long way in gifting happiness. And when they are at peace it is a happy moment for all! The practice is in giving your undivided attention to a loved one with something they enjoy doing. If you feel frustration or irritated in their absorption, remember this practice is about inducing happiness by giving your loving attention. Afterall, this loving attention really goes both ways! After completing this, designate 10 minutes of undivided attention by yourself engaging in something YOU enjoy.

This give n take can look like 10 min of letting a friend speak without your interruption and then 10 min of alone time writing a poem in your journal. It’s all about committing to the intention and the consistency of filling up. Read up on and get motivated by The Art of Holding Space.

Day 5

Sexual Fill Up: Be spontaneous. Flirt w yourself! Entice your partner, or an attractive stranger. Start noticing and saying YES to what tugs your heart strings.

When we open to exploring our attraction we fine tune our inner ear towards true happiness. We can find our intuition under the voice of ego/judgement. It is a direct link between physical sensation and the curious intelligence of inner wisdom.

Do something that will turn yourself on! Find and save an image that turns you on! Send your partner a suggestive photo. Go intimate outdoors. Have fun and enjoy connecting with the fuel of passion! Practice a tpmuse meditation for Intimate Self Love.

Day 6

Creative Fill Up: Make a new playlist of “fill up” music and dance, sing or play to at least one song.

I just started my playlist that includes the following: Talking Heads “Take Me to the River”. Leon Bridges “River”. Ryan Bingham “Hallelujah”. Maggie Rogers “Alaska”. Joey Purp “Elastic”. Van Morrison “Virgo Clowns”.

Listen, sing, dance, move, sway. Let the sound get into you. Let it fill you with rhythm and harmony. Fill yourself up until you can’t hold it cuz you might explode!

Listen Now on Spotify Fill Up on Music

...and by the way if you haven’t seen Erik Cavanaugh dance, then you’re missing out. This man is fueled up on creativity!

Day 7

Troubleshooting any of these refuels?:


Focus on what you WANT out of each thing you are doing and then get out of your own way with controlling how you get it. How do you do this? Make sure whatever it is you are doing is bringing you pleasure or has the ability to bring you pleasure in the long run. If you start to get in a negative headspace about it try to catch those thoughts and let them go!! Wipe them clear off the windshield!

If what you are doing is not bringing pleasure whatsoever then find a different approach. You ALWAYS have a choice. I’ve said it before in other posts, and I’ll say it again using a mantra like “let go and let ‘god/goddess/universe’” is a reminder to move out of your own way in that moment!

Mantras are the jack for flat tire thinking!! They elevate your ride so you can replace what isn’t working with something that can.


My Gift to You!

⛽️ Get your fuel. It’s free! It’s effective. It’s vital. And you are worth every gallon!!

Download your free Refuel Weekly Planner!

The Refuel weekly planner is designed for creating boundaries around filling up your tank and keeping it full. It is intended to remind and hold you accountable for instant, consistent access to universal love as you go about important daily tasks!


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