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Seeing the Signs

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Signs are defined as gestures or actions used to convey information or instructions. They can also be recognized as symbols such as images and messages that when noticed carry a quality of validation over our experience and can influence the choices we make.

You ever catch yourself in a moment, wondering when the next sign is gonna appear so you can say “ok, I’m on the right track” or “I’m gonna switch gears”? Searching and waiting for those signs to appear is like online clothes shopping for new brands... it is a shot in the dark waste of time.

The problem with “seeking” and "waiting" is it creates symptoms of desperation & resistance- limiting our ability to recognize the opportunities that already exist around us. We place the responsibly of our personal power outside of ourselves, keeping us in a state of lowered self worth.

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If we want the signs to appear then we need to shift from an outer to inward intent. There's a saying "taking a leap of faith"... this is just that. Dropping in on the signs that are abundantly present in our experience is a leap of faith. It requires that we TRUST the process of coming home to ourselves. AND invites us to loosen our grip on the reins of distraction that keep us further from our Truth.

Our truth can be seen as this direct link between the physical and conscious experience. The body sensations/breath quality and the mind can link us to the Now=Real=Moment=Truth. This is a unique opportunity each of us has in working through the preconditioned game of desperation and resistance.

Our Truth is the only sign we need. It is THE sign for navigating the what, how, why, where and when of our experience. Notice the times you are distracted searching and waiting for guidance and drop into your body/mind to begin Trusting that you are the sign you've been searching for this whole time. So next time you find yourself desperate for a sign try the following prompts;

*What is it that you are really searching for? Could it perhaps be a need for connection-with people, nature, self? How can you experience this connection? Your body, mind, heart, breath? Do you have something that is craving expression and attention?

*How do you distract from your truth? Are you online, not engaging in social settings, avoiding alone time, pushing yourself too much or not enough? How can you give yourself the space to connect with your body, and mind?

*When do you catch yourself feeling desperate? Resistant? First thing in the morning or just before bed? When you're bored or hungry? After a fight? When you are stressed or depressed? How would it be at these times to check in with your truth, to sit with these states that otherwise have you searching outside of yourself?

*(if this applies) Why are you interested in receiving a sign? What would it validate? How would it influence a change or improvement from your current situation? How would it be if you draw your attention to body and breath and trust that being in this moment is enough?

Note to Readers:

Right now everything about YOU is enough to experience exactly what you need for guidance around who you want to be without having to search outside for any signs to tell you otherwise. When you drop into your inner world, the outer world you have been seeking falls into place and the unimaginable sprinkles it’s pixie dust all over your pretty little lap.

Sophia Brody, M.A. is an educator and life coach, facilitating intuitive expression through creative exploration. Her background encompasses the contemplative practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese energetics, and Shamanic journeying. Her work with adults and children range from virtual empowerment sessions and self growth courses, and a variety of local workshops. She lives in CA with her husband and two children where she enjoys art, outdoors, yoga, friends, and travel.

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