• Sophia Brody, M.A.

The Power of Wholeness: Shamanic Wisdom for Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

“Let it all go. Expect miracles. Wait without anxiety. And know the universe has your back.”

-Gabrielle Bernstein

Reel it all in. Claim what you want. Affirm without lack. And know the Universe has your back. -Transpersonal Muse

Shamanic healing determines two distinct symptoms that interfere with the embodiment of personal power. In our western culture we understand these symptoms as anxiety and depression.

1. Anxiety comes from an attachment to thoughts and emotions that feel beyond our control (fear/worry).

  • Shamanic wisdom views this as being possessed by energies outside of ourselves.

  • To extract this symptom, we release the energies that don't belong to align with source power (Self/wisdom/potential/wholeness).

2. Depression comes from a sense of loss or lacking.

  • Shamanic wisdom views this as parts of our Spirit being stolen, lost or abandoned.

  • To retrieve ourselves from this state, we reclaim the energy that belongs to us that will align us with source power (connection with Self/wisdom/potential/wholeness).

Releasing what isn’t serving to receive what is serving (aligning your energy) is the essential process of healing. Whether you proceed a Shamanic journey through working with energies as entities outside of yourself... or you salvage the mindful awareness resources from within the psyche, the healing process holds the same integrity.

Transpersonal Muse attracts a personal practice that resonates and inspires alignment with the Spirit of the client. It’s a culmination of releasing to make room for reclaiming. Releasing possessions (letting go the voice of ego...those critical tones of judgement, shame, lack, and envy). And reclaiming power (filling up, empowering and regenerating connection with Source energy). It's a r