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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

With the year we’ve all had if you're reading this, I just wanna focus on the greatest blessing... Like Miss Nina Simon says, you've got life! “I got my neck, got my boobies, got my heart, got my soul... I’ve got life”. Tune's here: Ain’t Got No- I‘ve Got life.

You’ve got life! From here on out, your perspective is thriving with this Ultimate Thanksgiving Recipe:


•feel it

•release it

•go with it

Tips & Musings

Feel It

Recently, my sister Daniella Brause of Essential Shine, and I shared our experience with grief. View our chat. Grief includes an unpredictable wave of emotional responses to loss or change. In Chinese Elemental healing, it is recognized as an aspect of the Air/Metal element of this season, Fall.

Release It

As emotions are released to the Earth, Grief in the sense of its wisdom carries gems of value and worth. I love this image and have found it so comforting in times of emotional burden. To imagine handing the heaviness to the plants and flowers outside my home, or to place my hands next to the trunk of a tree, or simply imagine the universe lifting it off my shoulders... there’s a Relief in transferring the weight.

Go with It

Giving up a sense of control around our experience while connecting in ways to self love and nurture our process allows the emotions to release and flow. As we settle, just like fallen leaves decomposing in the soil, we form nutrient rich qualities... Acceptance, compassion, reception, opening. These ingredients grow new visions and inspirations that move us forward.

Want to feel next level Inspired?? 5 minute visualization will fill you up on just how incredibly valuable you are! This seriously made me cry tears of joy!

Serving Up The Blessings

This recipe is in the topic of conversation. Let’s talk about the imagination, creativity, fun memories, ideas and visions, love and sweetness. It’s in the topic of the radio station. Let’s listen to classic Motown love songs, uplifting beats by Chance the Rapper, and simple twang stories of Dolly Parton. It’s in the topic of ideas and creativity. Let’s think about what we’re really good at that turns us on and sets us a part from others. It’s in the topic of service. Let’s enjoy these gifts that we bring to the table!

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope you all recognize the value in the gifts you bring to this world and the joy you give others just to be in your light!

Sophia Brody, MA is an artist and life coach who supports and guides the innate inspiration and visions of her clients.

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