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Turn It Down for What?: How a Loud Inner Critic Can Actually Serve You

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Like a jack-ass, my mind often trots into the land of nagging, blame, aggressiveness, judgements, and criticism all in a day. It’s exhausting... In my youth (and I’ll admit to now and again) I would veer away from taking responsibility, assuming that the world around me was at fault. Until I started studying psychology and meditating did I realized the truth. All that judgmental hee-hawing is the projection of my inner critic.

What is this inner critic really? Stale beliefs of blame and judgement that produce and sustain an illusion of lack. It’s the aggressive Judge Judy tone of beliefs and the critical Simon Powell of delivery. It’s the ego‘s recruiter: The ”not enough/too much” nonsense of our worth.

This is all mindset business. The mind is so powerful in it’s tone and delivery that we can either revert to the tone of inner critic (this lacking) or we can make a habit out of shifting towards the tone of narrator (a compassionate act of witnessing this critic voice without needing to do anything more).

Turn it down for what? So that we can stay victim to its power? So that it can determine the course of our lives? If we remain subconscious by resisting, bypassing,avoiding, shutting it down, fighting its conviction, wrestling its tendencies then we continue to revert to self sabotage... I’m talking unmet dreams, grass is always greener, why me, I can’t, I don’t deserve better, how come I never...., you get the idea.

Believe it or not, you might want to train yourself to turn this volume up.

Its not what you think. Raising the volume of the critic is not about believing, supporting, agreeing with, or submitting to WHAT it’s telling you. It’s about turning it up so that it WAKES you up. It catches your attention in its tracks so You can make a choice... Do I sink or Swim?

You can think of the inner critic like an alarm clock. A voice that calls you out! It’s like when those chimes start ringing on your morning alarm.

It keeps going off until you check your snooze button. You might at first think, “this is funky...I‘m tired, waaa”. But underneath the inexhaustible tone, is a legit message that is replaying over and over, louder and louder until you make a decision: “am I ready to be accountable for my own happiness?”

The inner critic is your wake up call reminding you to check in and CHOOSE a higher path.

This is a system of recovery and reprogramming. A way of living with an intention to prepare and be alert to this alarm. Through different techniques you can align yourself to this calling, and learn ways to practice caring for yourself with each moment that alarm goes off.

For many, we need to stabilize ourselves before we are ready to take action. There are therapies and healing modalities to recover the nervous system from the adverse reactions to this alarm. Where you can retrace the pathology of your self worth, areas of lack, and trauma that birthed this story of lack. You can take a mental masterclass to quiet this voice through hypnosis, meditation, and visualizations. You can receive body work to release physical tensions and toxins that have accumulated and affected your health.

You can receive support and guidance from a Transpersonal life coach such as myself, who is trained and practiced in guiding and setting you up with accessible, inspiring and easy to follow techniques to shift your inner critic into your ally. To invite compassion, humor, lightness, and happiness. To levitate above burdens and attract fun and desirable outcomes.

Email or message me if You’re ready to turn up the volume on your alarm clock. I am available to support Your alignment with your potential.

Sophia Brody, MA is a Transpersonal life coach who inspires mindful exploration beyond limitations to limitless possibilities. Learn more at or email with questions/comments

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