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Weight Management and Beyond; A Transpersonal Approach

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

“nature nurtures the nurturing of my nature” - Sophia Brody, MA

Say that five times fast!

Many theories out there describe the different aspects of the physiological, mental, and emotional constructs of our nature. These often genetic, neurological components contribute to the personality we inherently enter the world with otherwise known as temperaments. For more on this subject click here

The foods we consume and the environments we are in either compliment or trigger our inherent temperament. Whether they attract us into a high vibe or trigger us into a low vibe, our nature (physiology, mentality feelings/beliefs, and spirit-energy levels) AND the nurture/environment (interactions, activities, & meals) are gateways from low vibe limiting cycles into high vibe conscious living. More info on vibration click here

So much of who we are and what we do is coming from the vibes we generate and absorb- and makes up our BEing... We are what we attract, which has direct impact in the quality of our vibration. Being in tune, aligned, conscious, wise, thoughtful, compassionate, gentle, clear and direct, graceful and mindful are all aspects of high vibration.

With limited awareness of our nature and how we are nourishing it, then our BEing (if it isn’t already) -can- end up out of balance (i.e. outa wack, spiraling, diseased, neurotic, lost, n off = low vibration).

For those in the game of conscious living/lifestyle...the high vibing life doesn’t just leave the low vibes in the dust, otherwise known through Buddhist psychologist, John Welwood’s term as ‘spiritual bypassing’- conscious living acknowledges the low vibes and feeds it compassion! Compassion is vibration’s natural transmuter. What does this look like when viewing the limitations of our weight? A willingness to explore and hold space without judgement. To observe with gentle curiosity, the limiting cycle that lures our weight related shadow symptoms into existence: impulsive/binge eating, poor health choices, caving into cravings, consuming processed foods, and feeding on nutrient deficient, allergenic/inflammatory foods.

We see so much generalization on this topic where articles and professionals claim this or that diet is what heals the root of the symptoms. But honestly, these diets don’t always address the root of the “low vibe” shadow symptoms for each individual. It’s all relative and way more expansive (not expensive-lol). A diet alone is limiting in that it bypasses the nature and the nurturing aspects of low vibe tendencies that have been inherited and expressed as weight. The moment it’s realized, it doesn’t just drop off like a heavy weight.

The decision to manage our weight through an expansive (Transpersonal) approach goes beyond the weight itself and seeps into deeper layers of conscious living... noticing and exploring where certain personal aspects are over-identified around areas of subtle and extreme traumas; low vibe accumulation and programming within the individuals relationship with Self...which has had an impact not just on weight but also the interaction with the overall body and the environment (people/food/activities/situations) that support it.

I have been meditating for more than half my life and I’ll tell you, practicing conscious living is a constant unfolding. My inner system reveals low vibe tendencies going back to my youth... this inner craving for filling-up on low vibes (junk food/sweets, distraction, checking out). The old story: it keeps me safe/protected. The truth: It is sad and unseen. And honestly, it would have made no difference what my parents “did” to provide or hinder my food choices. It was all around the process of how each of us were BEing with each other... in this case, how my experience of feeling sad and unseen was lacking compassion and space to just BE. Somewhere on this ride I decided to tuck this experience away and keep it a secret. I even remember at the time often “lying” about my feelings when asked how I was. Looking back, it’s as though I was scared to open that box. Had the junk food not been in the cupboard then I probably would have snuck the junk or likes thereof through some other form. Low vibe nature was attracting and surrounded by low vibe nurture.

Thru intention and mindfulness awareness in my adult life, I make gradual strides to consume high vibe foods and high vibe mindsets with some very personal and creative tools to apply during triggers. More so now than ever in my recent years has this unveiled the serious integration of higher conscious efforts which allows me to view my low vibes with such compassion and transparency...and with a willingness to communicate with it directly to raise the shadow into the light for making proper choices.

What has significantly worked for me over the years in transmuting low vibe states, is by compassionately objectifying them into tangible forms. In Tibetan Buddhism, the practice of Maitri allows practitioners to observe how these states contain neurotic and wisdom tendencies. Through this practice I have seen the value in holding the space for myself long enough to explore and understand the impermanence of these symptoms. When they are tangible, it's easier to see that these forms represent energy that can be enhanced or hindered by our intentions. The way we relate to our sensations and perceptions transmute our states into low (neurotic) and high (wisdom) vibes- how powerful we are when we look at life in this way! We have the power to bring an experience down or to raise it up.

What do we do with our experiences once we notice the imbalance of low vibe tendencies creeping up? We observe their nature. Notice that they exist. Make an effort not to ditch them!!! In my experience, they have taken up residency in my gut for so many years as a hungry kiddo seeking fullness... she won’t just dissolve overnight- she’s been a part of me-a voice that wants her truth to be heard and fulfilled beyond a junk food fix. Her trauma was low vibe, her environment was low vibe and how i respond to her in my current life has the potential to transmute these love vibe energies towards higher levels. High vibe environments and nourishments, are what align her with the compassion she needs to feel clearly heard. But she is not always comfortable or used to this and sometimes these changes come with kicking and screaming-discomfort and dissatisfaction. We can see this in addiction recovery.

Introducing new patterns for self talk and self care bring with it a cathartic withdrawal. So this process as we can see, requires compassion. In my experience is requires the space to let her cry out and resist until she can relax and settle into the space knowing that she is safe and cared for beyond the quick fixes. And sometimes the relapses are the name of the game. The greatest focal point to clearly view how far we have come is seen when the system is thrown off by the relapse. Being able to come in contact with the spaces of denial and hunger that haven’t yet been given a proper voice or platform.

It takes an extreme amount of focus and softness to stay in touch and connected with the TRUTH. When the hunger creeps up, checking in with what part of the self is really hungry. And what vibes are gonna compliment and actualize this Truth.

What does Transpersonal coaching look like when managing/losing weight? Well first of all there is a moment to pause in gratitude for having resonated with this opportunity to practice conscious living. When the gratitude honors the inner warrior to bravely take his or her stance, then the mindset changes...a new intention takes its place from “I need to lose (or gain) weight” (aka I’m not good ENOUGH) to “I’m living in health” (I’m am enough and I make high vibe choices). Next, supporting this affirmation is a fourfold:

1. Exploring the high vibe options and committing to them includes: foods, exercise/movement, activities, projects/creative endeavors, self care, and direct/indirect contact w the natural world.

2. Practicing compassion. Learning to ease into a soft opening that gives the low vibe tendencies a safe space to be observed without over identifying -falling into old habits.

3. Using symbolic and cognitive tools that express and transmute the low vibes in a tangible way bringing empowerment and awareness to this integrative experience.

4. Experiencing the body through mindful awareness. BEing present in the sensations and the elements (natural world), and the gratitude within this exchange.Shifting the weight -noticing results and changes in body, mind and spirit!

Sophia Brody, M.A. is an educator and life coach, facilitating intuitive expression through creative exploration. Her background encompasses the contemplative practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Chinese energetics, and Shamanic journeying. Her work with adults and children range from virtual empowerment sessions and self growth courses, and a variety of local workshops. She lives in CA with her husband and two children where she enjoys art, outdoors, yoga, friends, and travel.

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Me at age 7 -we all have an inner kiddo to comfort with high vibe'n love

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