• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Weight Management and Beyond; A Transpersonal Approach

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

“nature nurtures the nurturing of my nature” - Sophia Brody, MA

Say that five times fast!

Many theories out there describe the different aspects of the physiological, mental, and emotional constructs of our nature. These often genetic, neurological components contribute to the personality we inherently enter the world with otherwise known as temperaments. For more on this subject click here

The foods we consume and the environments we are in either compliment or trigger our inherent temperament. Whether they attract us into a high vibe or trigger us into a low vibe, our nature (physiology, mentality feelings/beliefs, and spirit-energy levels) AND the nurture/environment (interactions, activities, & meals) are gateways from low vibe limiting cycles into high vibe conscious living. More info on vibration click here

So much of who we are and what we do is coming from the vibes we generate and absorb- and makes up our BEing... We are what we attract, which has direct impact in the quality of our vibration. Being in tune, aligned, conscious, wise, thoughtful, compassionate, gentle, clear and direct, graceful and mindful are all aspects of high vibration.

With limited awareness of our nature and how we are nourishing it, then our BEing (if it isn’t already) -can- end up out of balance (i.e. outa wack, spiraling, diseased, neurotic, lost, n off = low vibration).

For those in the game of conscious living/lifestyle...the high vibing life doesn’t just leave the low vibes in the dust, otherwise known through Buddhist psychologist, John Welwood’s term as ‘spiritual bypassing’- conscious living acknowledges the low vibes and feeds it compassion! Compassion is vibration’s natural transmuter. What does this look like when viewing the limitations of our weight? A willingness to explore and hold space without judgement. To observe with gentle curiosity, the limiting cycle that lures our weight related shadow symptoms into existence: impulsive/binge eating, poor health choices, caving into cravings, consuming processed foods, and feeding on nutrient deficient, allergenic/inflammatory foods.

We see so much generalization on this topic where articles and professionals claim this or that diet is what heals the root of the symptoms. But honestly, these diets don’t always address the root of the “low vibe” shadow symptoms for each individual. It’s all relative and way more expansive (not expensive-lol). A diet alone is limiting in that it bypasses the nature and the nurturing aspects of low vibe tendencies that have been inherited and expressed as weight. The moment it’s realized, it doesn’t just drop off like a heavy weight.

The decision to manage our weight through an expansive (Transpersonal) approach goes beyond the weight itself and seeps into deeper layers of conscious living... noticing and exploring where certain personal aspects are over-identified around areas of subtle and extreme traumas; low vibe accumulation and programming within the individuals relationship with Self...which has had an impact not just on weight but also the interaction with the overall body and the environment (people/food/activities/situations) that support it.

I have been meditating for more than half my life and I’ll tell you, practicing conscious living is a constant unfolding. My inner system reveals low vibe tendencies going back to my youth... this inner craving for filling-up on low vibes (junk food/sweets, distraction, checking out). The old story: it keeps me safe/protected. The truth: It is sad and unseen. And honestly, it would have made no difference what my parents “did” to provide or hinder my food choices. It was all around the process of how each of us were BEing with each other... in this case, how my experience of feeling sad and unseen was lacking compassion and space to just BE. Somewhere on this ride I decided to tuck this experience away and keep it a secret. I even remember at the time often “lying” about my feelings when asked how I was. Looking back, it’s as though I was scared to open that box. Had the junk food not been in the cupboard then I probably would have snuck the junk or likes thereof through some other form. Low vibe nature was attracting and surrounded by low vibe nurture.