• Sophia Brody, M.A.

What Am I Fighting For?

I hit a wall the other day. Another conversation about Covid and I lost my cool. “NEXT!”, I impulsively blurted out. All eyes on me with a couple of open jaws and giggled responses of “there’s nothing else to talk about”.

I felt exhausted and uninspired by the topic. Rather than releasing this burden by strolling away from the group or shifting off topic to what feels good, I demanded that they see it the way I do (my limitation) and release it for me (fighting for my limitation).

Lost in everything that is “wrong” or what we “don’t want”, we become a magnet for undesired experiences that share in the equivalent of this undesired energy. It fuels a fight for limitations. This famous term coined by Abraham Hicks is another way of explaining resistance. When we fight for our limitations, we contract our energy. And no matter how wonderful or expansive we believe ourselves to be, when we fight, we project others as the contraction especially when they aren’t in agreement with our views.

What was I fighting for? What was my intention? Why is my fight important?

Fighting for my limitation sent anxious, adrenaline-induced tingles surging through my body. I took it as me vs. them. Right vs. wrong. An antidote would have been focusing on my intention for what I was fighting for in the first place. Had I been aware of my intention, I would have spent our conversation looking for proof in celebration of everything that’s working out in creative, inspiring ways.

When we focus on our intentions in a way thats aligned with our potential, we have a greater chance for creating a desirable experience. Our inner tone is calmed, Judgement softens, and attachment loosens. We gain a sense of security in our experience, enough so that we make room to hold space for other views. That right there is an invitation for healing.

Tips and Musings

Underneath intentions are golden specks of Wisdom….A purpose-driven will for expansion sparks forgiveness, compassion, and fuel for connection:

  1. What are you fighting for?

  2. What is your intention in this fight?

  3. Why is this experience important to you?

  4. What about a situation, condition or other views can offer you inspiration and expansion?

Sophia Brody, MA uses her background in psychology with the healing arts to support our awakened journey. Self reflection, supportive peeps, creative outlets and mental breaks (sunbathing, exercise, naps, and play) have been Sophia's latest go-to's.

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