• Sophia Brody, M.A.

When the Universe is Trying to Save Your Ass

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This morning I was feeling rushed. I arrived late to a destination, didn’t follow two directions and also didn’t have sufficient funds to pay for the service I had used. I had already decided I had allergies and began to justify that allergies equals things not working out... which is exactly what happened (I’m totally being dramatic).

On my drive back home I heard a voice say “hang in there, kiddo”. I immediately scanned my shortcomings and knew it was a voice trying to save my ass. It was in my best interest to carve out some self care and spend time in recovery.

When the cards aren’t laying right, the answers fall short of meeting desires, we continue feeling tested and tried, then it’s time to take a time out- better yet a time IN. The universe is literally saying “hang IN there, kiddo”. Go inside, spend some time in your heart space receiving divine love. Maybe this is in meditation, maybe it’s in nature or in taking a nap. Whatever it is, it’s in receptivity mode.

This is a time to be quiet and tuned in with our inner ear. That place inside that says “I wonder what this is all about?” And then once asked, taking the backseat and resting in this space of deep welcome and gratitude for whatever comes as response or support.

I gaged my energy and assured myself that a nap was in store. As I sat in my kitchen eating lunch, preparing myself for this space, I heard it again, “hang in there, kiddo”. A rush of warmth tingled through my body. I was at peace.

I took my napping position and began my journey ready to receive. Before I went into a restorative sleep, it was given to me (exactly what I needed but hadn’t yet conceptualized)... blessings. I surrendered to every possible wonderful thing, person and place in this singular moment- every extension of myself spread across different towns and countries and people I may or may not personally know but who I’m somehow connected with or have crossed paths (like that 6 degrees of separation concept). Each one flashing in my mind’s eye in this singular moment. It was like a visual of what the internet might look like as it searches a request- these invisible micro strands reaching out, extending beyond lightspead and sparking connection.

The blessing was this deep permission to be present beyond my presence. To be in every place at once while being fully within myself. And the point in this? The power of the collective all grooving to the beat of one drum- this singular moment.

I felt blessings sprinkle down around me and my body and envisioned these blessings sprinkling around the parts of myself that are spread across this world... over my art that’s displayed in a gallery and over the people who work and who walk past or pause to see it. Over my friend traveling in India sharing a part of me through her presence. Or my kids in their school, sharing their gifts because mama gave them permission to be brave.

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Our recovery is effecting the whole... it is part of a collective shift into the flow. Aka blessings galore! So when things aren’t workin out, then consider the possibility that it’s the universe’s clever way of saving your ass.