• Sophia Brody, M.A.

Who’s Responsible for Your Happiness?

After everything that has happened to you, against you, despite you, who is responsible for your happiness?

Is it a God who loves you unconditionally? Is it a person who brought you into this world? Is it your lovers who exposed layers of your heart? Is it your children who need You? Is it your teachers who guided your success? Or Is it an activity or object that supports your wants and desires?

They all may have contributed to your happiness, but ultimately, the answer is you. You are the one who is responsible for your own happiness.

Happiness is in the waves of feeling full, positive, and pleasant. It is induced through our actions and states of mind... how we are giving and receiving, helping and engaging with ourselves and others.

But how are we personally responsible for own happiness, especially in times that bring trial and suffering?

We are responsible through the recovery of what it is to be happy...being whole. It exists in all of the parts and pieces of ourselves that slipped away, were lost or stolen during unpleasant times despite our awareness. Calling these parts back in one by one- that is our responsibility.

It is our right to be whole even through our pain. The times we are confronted by someone else’s blame game. The times we are shamed or guilt tripped for not being enough or being too much. For every single time we ditched our own truth to cling onto someone else’s.

It is also in times when we have caused harm. It is in our power to take ownership of the fragmented parts of ourselves that strayed us from making mindful decisions. There is grace in becoming aware and forgiving of these actions. It guides us in releasing, cleansing, and shifting into fullness.

Choosing happiness is stepping into our awakening. It is a path of choosing what feels good to our energy as opposed to compromising it.

“If you want to be happy, be”

-Leo Tolstoy (don’t judge his words on his looks 🤣)

Tips and Musings

Check in with your happiness:

•What defines your happiness?

•How does it differ in your alone time vs time spent with others?

•Is it present?

•What is its level on the spectrum of full to depleted?

•What is its quality...does it journey to your core or tingle on the surface?

•Is it easy to give and share?

•Is it easy to discover and receive?

•What gets in the way of feeling happy?

•Does it get taken or given without equal exchange?

•Are you able to fully recover it?

•Can you connect with some level of happiness even in states of pain?