• Sophia Brody, M.A.

You are the Artist Not the Art

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

This is my practice in trust. Not just for me, but for all of us “artists” remembering to come back to our source... our inspiration.

I’m on a walk and just noticing where I am led-what I’m attracted to. I see myself in a pattern of doubt. Second guessing the path I want to take with an element of fear that I’ll miss out on a better path. Just this head-trip alone is a work out!

And the further I tread beyond my first choice or pull, takes me further from feeling complete. So I head back to my first choice and sink into the earth to meditate/pray/write and I instantly feel at home and welcomed. It’s like a sigh of yes.

I end up at the largest pine tree in the area. Lizards working out around it’s trunk and base, doing push ups and sprints. There’s a scattered presence. Oh wait, that’s mine. It’s my outward thoughts and stories that seem to protect me from arriving in this space.

I settle my back against its trunk and ground into a stillness. In my mind’s eye I’m greeted by an ashen man in the bark of the pine. I look down and see one of his eyes in its root encircled with sappy tears.

I face the tree in contemplation. Sensing into my achy body and glimpsing this message about how natural it is to experience low vibes in our physical vessel and surroundings. And yet how accessible to attain high vibes in the stillness of connection- honoring these sacred messages of wisdom just in a brief visit with an old tree. I ask the tree, “do I even have the power to press pause on these low vibes?” His response flows through me in my willingness to be still.

Nature can make it so easy! Sitting in the sun. Listening to birds and imagining their story. Watching lizard pulse to your heart beat.

Mr. Pine shifts my attention to his hundreds of branches. I kid you not, this is a fatty pine with tons of offshoots!

“Find your biggest branch. See how it comes from the same source that sprouted all the rest. Learn from its great connection to its source. How might the integrity of this strong branch help release or strengthen the other branches?”

I flash on my strength of creativity.

“When you, like my branches, are out there, you make less room for things to invade your space. This is not bad and this is not good. This is you. Busy producing and putting out serves you because when you stop engaging in this way is when everything makes its way back in and blocks you from the sun.

“You are the artist not the art. You are putting out what others will take away. If you were the art, then you would be inviting everyone in to use you for their entertainment.

They would invade you with their interpretations and admirations, criticisms and stories.

“You are the artist not the art. You create and set out for others to do as they wish. There is no room for others to come into your space and break you a part or use you to meet their needs. That is not your purpose.”

“Stand in your strength...knowing who you are. Stand rooted in your territory, sprouted from your source. Your purpose is all in how you look at things:”

-“Not retracted but reformed” says the broken branch clenched like a fist.

-“Not to scare off but to humor and shed truth” says the extended dried up branch hovering over me like an old witch with curly eyelashes and a contagious laugh.

-“Not to spread yourself thin with all that You do, but to celebrate the ways that you approach your tasks... with an unconventional twist and spark.” Says all of the branches in unison.

Even the half-fallen branch creates a path to the sunlight where the lizards can climb aboard for their Zumba.

As I get up from a nearby stump to leave, my ass gets stamped with sap. Tree says “here’s to remember me by. And don’t forget to say thanks (for being still).” Lol. I look down in gratitude and am gifted a micro snail spiraled shell along w my sticky bum!

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